Today, most of us are recording and mixing digitally 'inside the box', using computers and DAWs.
It's incredible what is now achievable with a DAW and 'making a record' would appear to be easier than ever.
But it's very easy to end up with flat, small sounding tracks that lack dynamics due to unwanted distortion, noise and/or over processing.

Understanding the basics of recording, editing and mixing is vital to achieving the sound you're looking for, regardless of genre or whether you are working in an analogue or digital studio. And if you're recording acoustic instruments, mic choice, placement and settings are equally important.

I offer one-on-one professional tuition (online or attended) and guidance in all aspects of studio engineering.
Whether you need help setting up your own home studio or insight into professional recording, editing and mixing techniques, analogue or digital.

I charge £40 an hour with a minimum session time of 30 minutes or £400 per 10 hour day.
Attended sessions inside London incur a travel charge of £30 per day.
Attended sessions outside London can also be arranged.

To discuss your requirements before booking a session please email me at the address below.